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June 29, 2007



Aisling, thanks for your email, I've just started reading this blog from the earliest entries - great job, so far! =) I've added this in my bloglines feeds, and will certainly post a link in my blogs and on my forum.

Btw, as a comment to the printing on card issue - why not also print on very thin card, and then glue it on a thicker card? (Personally, I'm not doing any printing at the moment as none of our printers are working.. the cats love jumping on them..)

Aisling (author)

Thanks Stello! That's a good tip if you're making an individual card - but make sure to use a glue tape or other dry glue to avoid bubbles between the card. Also run a bone-folder or ruler over the top layer of card after you stick down to avoid bubbles too. If you're making lots of cards or invitations, this technique probably isn't for as it is time-consuming, but very good to know! Thanks again

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