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August 27, 2007



I'd like to see a "whats the best?" type of thing to compare products of the same type. ie, Big Shot, Sizzex,Craftrobo, Tag-a-long, Cricut....the list goes on!! What is the best brand of ink and embossing powders. Which are the best rub ons? A lot of us have had problems with a particular brand of rub-ons.
I would like the first mag but if I won would be happy with any!


I'd like to see the best way to package, present and advertise you cards for selling and also about setting up the wedding stationery business and if I won could I have the first or the second mag coz I already have the third one (blush)


A glossary would be very helpful and one with links to video demos would be fantastic. Having just bought a crop-a-dile, I found a link and watched it in use which was a great help.
As for the mags...I'd choose the cardmaking and papercraft one.

Julie M

I'd like to see reviews/comparisons of products. Given that some items are very expensive to buy, it would be great to know pros and cons before shelling out! And maybe a "how to" section about using various products. I'd be happy to win the Cardmaking & Papercraft mag.


I'd love to see a guide to rubber stamping and embossing! It's the one area I think people are most likely to shy away from as it looks 'specialised'.


Ais, I'd be interested in hearing more about setting up the Wedding Invite business! I've been doing wedding invites for friends and family for a few years now, and can't decide whether to bite the bullet or not!
(Any of the mags are ok for me!)


I'd liek to see a discussion on the pitfalls around doing inites for others. I'm sure everyone here has experience of people changing their minds on colour schemes after you have started,asking for samples and not returning them, replicating your ideas,having difficulty sourcing big numbers of stuff you've used in samples etc etc.


I'd like to see new techniques in cardmaking or scrapbooking.That will definitively make me check the blog often :o)


I'd like to see either a beginners guide to scrapbooking (looks to much for a novice like me to plunge into unaided!) or something along the lines of ideas for basic cards - but by that I mean, ones that you don't need much equipment for... ie no punches, sissix, specialist tools / equipment, so that beginners don't have to spend a fortune to make them (although I think that will be unavoidable!).


I would like to see information and guidelines on setting up a wedding invite business, also previews of the newest gadgets available. Any of the mags would be great if I win.


I'd like to see stuff about combining alternative methods and materials (like recycled things, dried leaves, shells, pebbles, etc.), and I'm also always interested in glue tips, such as what's the best glue for vellum, and so on..

Oh, and should I win, that "Beautiful Cards" looks like the most interesting magazine to me, but I'm not fussy ;)


As a newbie to cardcrafting/scrapbooking, I'd love "Reference" section, with a glossary of what the different terms mean, along with some "basics" - I've picked up a fair bit from magazines, but don't always understand them. I'd love a reference section that I could check what something means, along with a "How To.." section! If I win the Beautiful Cards one looks lovely (but I really don't mind which magazine!)


As a complete beginner to card making I would love to see an article on the basics needed - I bought a lot of stuff at the show in the RDS last year and now cannot remember how to use it.
I have not tried scrapbooking yet and would love a beginners guide to that too! If I was lucky enough to win I would like the
Quick Cards magazine - or any of them really!!


Ooh I'd love the Beautiful cards mag,

and I'd like to see more articles about setting up a wedding invite business and beginners guide to scrapbooking please.

Fab blog, congrats girls.

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