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September 24, 2007



Ais, what a wonderful post! Thanks.

pauline price

What fantastic timing this blog has! I am in the process of trying to do just what you have described above.

Unfortunately I do not have the computer skills to fall back on, like you. However, I am navigating my way around the place, albeit slowly.

I have so far set up a free website, with a gallery, market research and blog. I would be delighted to receive constructive criticism about either.

My main stumbling block is fear! Fear of Failure & Fear of Success at the same time. I am trading under the name of Vinca Cards by Polly Peirce. I feel just a bit more comfortable using an assumed name at the moment; for a variety of reasons.

So far I have had one major order from a local newsagent back in July and a few private commissions.

While I have invested time and money in card making; it is a slow start, at a pace I can cope with.

I can't wait to see the rest of your articles as I am sure they will give me just the boost I need.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!



Thanks Ais. Some great advise and tips there.

Kate Walsh

Thanks Ais this is so interesting and informative can't wait to see the next part.


Great info ais. Lovely to read the story of your success.Looking forward to the rest.


A great point raised there Pauline - I know of NO crafters who think their work is as great as it actually is!! You have to rely on the opinions of those buying it to be convinced it is... thanks for reading!!

Patsyann Carrel

Hi, stumbled across your website and enjoyed so much your "crafting history". I have suffered badly with my health for the past year and tried cardcrafting as a means to stem my boredom. Now I am absolutely hooked and can lose myself for hours crafting. I want to sell my cards (needs must) so I am going to try and set up a free website (computer illiterate). Any tips or help would be warmly welcomed. Your details are in my favourites. Thank you Patsyann


Hi Patsyann - check out our latest blog post - there's more information about setting up sites and a few recommendations. It's worth looking at Yahoo's free website service - it comes with a simple, easy to use site builder tool too. http://geocities.yahoo.com/ps/learn2/HowItWorks4_Free.html

Rachel Keeley

hi,i have a queation-how do you know how much to sell your cards for? im doing cards but mine are small paintings that will be scanned and printed onto card-and i want to sell to shops,but i dot know how much for? please help!!!

Jan Scott

I am currently making one-of-a-kind greeting cards, gift tags, boxes, and door hangers. My problem is "How do I price them for the retail market?". I don't expect to make a lot of money, but I would like to recover costs of supplies and get something for the time spent. Can you help me with this aspect? I have found a website, a blog site and also have been offered a booth at a convention site, so reaching the public is not my problem. Putting a value on my work is.

Aisling (author)

Hi there,

If you're not sure how much to charge for something, the best thing is to ask people how much they'd pay! Price is dependent on the need/desire of the customer, the locale, the competition..and so many other things. Try showing your work to a small set of close friends and family and asking them to value it, and go beyond that to a wider group if you find there isn't agreement there. Many people make the mistake of setting pricing as Cost of Goods + Cost of labour + x%, but if the price arrived at isn't what people expect to pay, you'll suffer either way. Underprice and people will assume the quality is not great, overprice and they won't purchase. Research is the name of the game here. Good luck!



Hi there, I too am trying to set up a small business after family and friends said my cards were very nice and that I should try and sell them! My dad has been very kind and helped me design my website which I'm hoping to take orders from once I have done some advertising! Do you have any ideas of how I can advertise at a small expense? I also have a craft fair this weekend and was wondering if you had any idea about how many cards I should take to sell there? Also what are the general policies for selling handmade cards to shops? Do they buy them all up front, or only give you the money if they sell? And how much of a percentage of the sale are they likely to take?
I'm sorry I didn't mean to write so many questions but if you've got time to write back it would be greatly appreciated!
Thankyou for a fab blog aswell!

Aisling (author)

HI there,

firstly, check out the "Selling your cards" section of our forum at http://www.craftsupplies.ie/shop/chat/viewforum.php?f=11. Advertising at a small expense can be done with a small budget on Google Adwords. For the craft fair, depending on the footfall expected, I would bring at least a couple of hundred cards, and LOTS of Father's Day ones. Do a special deal e.g. one for 3.00, 2 for 5.00 - this always attracts. If you read the rest of the articles you'll see shops usually take the card price, add 100% plus VAT, though this can vary. Good luck!


Hi, It's been really interesting reading all of the information that so many of you have added to this site - I too am trying to start selling cards and I'd like to sell them to shops. One question I'd like to ask though, do any people print their own designs using a printer on good quality card or do they have them printed professionally? Do you think shops would only want cards that have been printed by a professional printer? Hope you can help!

Greeting Card Mailing

Those are some amazingly great tips. It'll be hard, especially in these times, to start a business but it's worth it if you can stay afloat.


Hi I'm looking at setting up a card making business. Wedding invitaions actually. I'm unsure if i need to registar as a business before I can sell or take orders or is there an earnings threshold that I need to reach before I need to declare it.

Please help!!


Hello..It is January 8, 2012 and I just stumbled across this site (after having been looking everywhere for great info).and
she sighs.

But, Thank You, Thank You for offering more clarity about how to move forward in a greeting card business. P. Price you must have been reading my mind. Thank you all. It gives me encouragement to keep moving forward.


why is this great blog no longer active?

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