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October 07, 2007


Dianne Richardson

How did you start card making or scrapbooking? What or who got you into it? Tell us your story....

I started cardmaking when I found it difficult to find the 'right' card for my nephew's birthday and the more I looked at the cards on sale I decided that really on the whole they lacked imagination and were on the whole boring. And some in fact pretty expensive for next to nothing really.

That reminded me of a slot I saw on TV3 about a SAHM who had set up her own business initally making baby cards (Lins). So I then got on the internet to research what was out there & realised that I too could do this. Then I had to find suppliers and then little by little I bought this & that and eventually got making.

And to my surprise and delight everyone that saw them liked them and kept buying them. So the next step was to advertise, then produced brochures of various types of cards that I made and then eventually set up my website.

Now after meeting loads of people on the CCS forum I have loads of new ideas (and loads more equipment & stash I might add)and will be bringing out new card designs next year.

I enjoy making cards more than anything else I have ever done. It is relaxing, theraputic & very rewarding personnaly.


I started card-making a only little while a ago (although I had tried a couple of classes in the past) as up until now I haven't had the space to do it! I been have struggling with Post-natal depression for the last few months, but we recently had our garage converted and so I now have my "craft area" and so decided to plunge in properly... I've found it most therapeutic - as I have something other than household chores or watching telly to occupy my evenings!
I am also thinking of having a go at my first scrapbook page. I saw a competition and thought I have the perfect photos to make a layout for it! So we'll have to see how that works out!


Terrible that I only seem to post here when there is a free giveaway :o)
I started cardmaking 2 years ago. The winter months kill me, the darkness, I feel like hibernating, but then I discovered cardmaking, I sit by the window and it has made a big difference in coping with the winter.
I've always been into crafting, one way or another...as a child I used to collect writting papers, stickers, etc..I love cross stitch too. But since I had children I hadnt been doing much crafting.
Once we were at a B-day party and when the mother of the B-day girl got a present with a card, she went to open it quickly saying "Im always looking forward to these cards, cos she (another mother) always makes her own cards". I took a look and then I realised I could be doing exactly the same. Bought myself a couple of books and looked through the techniques and quilling caught my eye; I looked at the back of the book to find out where to get the tools & papers and so it all started then !!
I also knew about Craftsupplies because Ais had mentioned & advertised it on MagicMum, and my first order ever was to get some arts&crafts materials for our local Mother & Toddler group. So I knew were exactly to go to get all I needed to start cardmaking...and I have been doing it ever since :o)
Scrapbooking...I like it too, but is not my strongest...I love the feeling of finishing a page, but I find it hard to put together than a card. I also love making mini albums.
Recently I bought a bench for the sitting room, it comes with 3 wicker baskets underneath, so I put the mini albums ,I have made so far, in there... people can sit and look through them.

Olive Coleman

well I have always been interested in paper crafts like origami. I have painted since I don't know when and my mother always encouraged us to be creative at home. As life begins to get complicated with work, marriage and children and I began to wonder if there was anything I could do from home while caring for my husband and children. A couple of years ago I came across create and craft on the TV but found it to be quite expensive to buy from and was looking for an irish site where I could buy more cheaply and came across Cara Craft supplies. Well it was all go from there. I started to make more and more cards and tried selling them at craft fairs but I wasn't able to make a lot of money. I began to think to myself what could I do from home. A friend said that they were looking for tutors in the second near me and she said that I should apply. I now teach a class on a Wednesday night. All my children are now in secondary school and I'm able to do prepwork for the class before they come home at 4. I have a website and sell card making ebooks and the art and hobby shop have also asked me to demonstrate card making and scrap booking. Cara craft supplies and Aisling have been an inspiration to me and I am so happy to be doing what I do and I'm able to be there for my family and I'm able to supplement our income. in a small way.

Julie M

I've always been into art and design, and studied graphic design for three years in college, but didn't pursue that as a career because I didn't like drawing what I didn't want to draw (and to a deadline too!). Creativity took a back seat for 11 years, apart from drawing for my kids. Then two years ago I saw a piece in the Irish Times about a card-making class in Wraptures, went along and did my first rubber-stamping ... and that was the end of buying shop-made cards! This summer I joined the CS forum, and a whole new world of yummy paper and bits has opened up!!


About three years ago I got this great idea that I was going to make my own Christmas cards...little did I know that half the planet was already making them and that basically I was trying to reinvent the wheel...(that's what happens when you have twins, have a hubby who works long hours and so the world is outside the realm of my little world) I made the cards and a neighbour saw them...she bought them...showed them to her neighbour who bought some and so it went on. Much to my complete and utter surprise (and excitment I might add) I don't remember how many I made and sold but there were quite a few late nights. I was so tired I acutally bought a box of ready made cards for myself otherwise no one would have heard from me that Christmas. That was the beginning of my obsession....

pauline price

I've always been arty. My grandmother used to paint crockery when I was little, heirlooms which have lasted the test of time.

In national school Mr Vozyniac taught us arts & crafts; he was amazing. I used to spend my pocket money on craft materials such as lentils, pva, pasta & card for use in making collages. I used to incorporate the weirdest of things; including beer bottle caps!

Unfortunately, after the intercert, I was unable to continue with Art as a subject because it clashed with other subjects. As a result I lost touch with my arty self for years.

A while ago I considered doing some lino cuttings; for hand printing cards. Unable to find the raw materials locally I stored the idea in the back of my mind for a few years.

The year before last the boys and I were stranded in France for a few days; following a road accident. As a direct result of this we discovered a wonderful store; Cultura. It carries the most extensive craft range I have ever set eyes upon.I was delighted to discover that I could purchase any amount of stuff; including readymade rubber stamps and inks.

My first cards were very experimental; using pigment inks without embossing. They took a long time to dry and were inclined to smear. I made a few for friends & family; using my limited collection of french stamps. Despite their simplicity each was well received.

Since then I have researched, researched, researched on-line and in a few craft mags. My feeble stock of four stamps and three ink pads has grown dramatically. I am so much more skilled and adventurous than when I first started.

I have even sold a huge order to a local newsagent, boy was that a challenge! Now I am out and about, plucking up the courage to approach more local traders and companies for a slot in their staff rooms.

I love the challenge of creating different designs and layouts for different occasions. I'm torn between photo cards, papercraft, embossing and rubber stamping. I love them all!


Just last year I started making my own cards, thanks to the encouragement of my two best friends who are avid cardmakers themselves and who produce fantastic cards. Any cards that I make now, are considered to be great by my family and all my other friends (event hough I am just experimenting with all the products available).
My favourite are the peel-off stickers - and I am always looking for new designs on the net so that I can try them out.
Keep up the good work Aisling & Di


I started doing cross stitch a few years ago and one christmas decided to use it to make my xmas cards. Needless to say it was very time consuming! I came across card blanks and some embellishments in town one day and the rest is history! I make for my personal use but have recieved a lot of requests from family and friends. I got into scrapbooking about 2 years ago. I went to a crop to see what all the fuss was about and was instantly hooked! I would love to get to a stage where I could sell some of my cards but with no confidence and lack of proper crafting time we'll just have to wait and see....!


Hope I'm not too late - for some reason I thought it was Wednesday.
I've always made cards of one description or another. Can't draw, but lino-printing, cross-stitch, embroidery, origami - from the PC when we got our first printer about '93 or 94.
But when I started card-making as a hobby as opposed to making cards for specific occasions was about 4 years ago (I think) when Lakelands were only just dabbling their toes in crafts, and I got a seaside card kit that DH liked the look of. Only of course, when it arrived, he thought I'd make a better job of it than he would, so I made the whole kit up and then ordered another one. I'd been going to the Knit & Stitch since it started (used to get freebie tickets from customers with the job I was in at the time), so I'd also picked up papers (DH has always been a sucker for nice papers!!) and a couple of punches, stamps, embossing pens and EP over the years and used them occasionally. 3 years ago I picked up a flier from your stand - and the rest is history :-)

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