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November 03, 2007


Paul O Mahony

For business cards you might check out moo.com. Converts any flickr photo into a business card....make your cards standout.

Paul O Mahony

Also recommend checking out http://irishcraftupdate.com/blog/. Disclosure: I helped set up this blog, which is full of useful information about christmas fairs and anything craft related.
Karen Harper, who also runs the Noticeboard email newsletter to crafts people, edits the blog and is also in the process of setting up the Irish Crafts Association. The Association is to support, assist, and help artists and craft people move forward in their business. Details are available on Karens Blog.

karen harper

Just a quick comment on the insurance part....unfortunately the county council markets will not let you in without it. The IOMST (international organisation of market and street traders) are good providers of insurance at cheap rates, around 250Euro, this has an indeminety of 6.2 million.(amount needed for markets) If you are with the craft council of Ireland or with Irish Craft Association you can get insurance with Padraig Smith & Co. They have different insurance for all types of crafts and realise that everyone has different needs and they will cater to that. Boring information but having no insurance can stop you getting into great fairs! Karen

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