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February 03, 2008



Those letters are brilliant - I hadn't realised they were so 3D - and lovely that he picked out his own choice of papers. But were they really that easy to cover - I think I would have got very sticky :-)


Greta idea Ais, sounds like you had fun!!


They look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are great Ais, wouldn't mind having a go myself and as you say you can always redo them with different paper as the child gets older.


Do you know if there is anywhere in Ireland selling these letters? I bought some for my daughter in Paris in a lovely craft shop last Nov and they turned out so well I would love to do more for her friends as presents. They were incredibly cheap as well...€3 or €4 euro each as far as I remember. If anyone knows that would be great (or maybe the girls will get them into the craft supplies shop!!) hint hint!

chris or mike

Irelands largest collection of products
inc craft products

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