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May 26, 2008



I was thinking they were very pastel girly colours for a Rory, but all is explained. They are really lovely - especially the paper on the 2nd R, and I like the scalloped bit on the O too.


They turned out just beautiful Ais. It looks like fun to do too!


They turned out beautiful Ais. And they look like fun to do too!

Liz ,

They are beautiful Ais. I love the very simplicity of them. I must get around to deciding which name to do - note to self - should have had less children and gone for shorter names!!


Hi they are lovely and I see you have them for sale on the website. Is it poss to hang them on the wall or do they need to sit on a shelf? Glad both my kids have short names!


Lovely work


Love those letters, fab designs

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