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July 03, 2008



A friend of mine in Dublin who went to a whopping 7 weddings this summer said 4 of them were really simple. She sees a trend towards simple weddings, less fuss, less formality, and without a church. I think the recent change in law about where people can get married has helped to encourage more creativity.

We're not yet at the stage of the dream-wedding on the beach, but, a least the location is a bit more flexible!

And as a knock-on affect people are able to think about it more casually, more party-like.


When we were getting married I did it all myself and tried to keep cost as low as possible. I bought my dress off the rack, made my own veil (those things cost a fortune...compared to a bit of tulle), made my invitations, got my friends and family to provide church music, made my own wedding booklets, a friend made our cake as a present and I even did flower arrangements and bouquets myself buying flowers direct from market in Dublin....and the wedding was still expensive...because we went with a hotel venue where you pay per head for a sit down meal.

Now obviously it could have all cost so much more if I didn't do the things I did, but the thing you spend most on is the reception and in Ireland if you are going the traditional route, it is the most difficult thing to keep the price down. We got married on a Thursday which lowered the price slightly (and meant we could get married that year instead of 2 years later and wait for a friday or saturday!) but it gauls me how much hotels make from weddings. We bring the people to them, they stay the night or two, they drink (copious amounts) at higher prices than in a pub, we supply the music and even pay for the bar extension and we still pay top dollar for a reasonable meal and really that's all you get. Caterers and a marquee doesn't always work out that much cheaper....or so I'm told. And there's the hassle of having all those people in your back garden!
So in summary, there are lots of ways to save money, but the venue is the trickiest and if you want a larger wedding (150+) it's difficult to find a venue and also can be difficult to move away from the traditional sit down 4 course beef or salmon.
I'm glad my wedding is over...although it was one of the best days of our life!


Well I'm glad I saw this post. My sister is planning for her wedding next year. I'm sure this post is a big help for her to save on her wedding. I'll show this to her. Thanks for sharing this post.


diy wedding

Don't use the word "wedding" when you go to a party or rental supply store. Use the word "party" instead. Your supplies will go to a wedding bucket and everything will cost you more!

Wedding Invitations

I am glad to go through your post....My friend is planning to for his wedding next month.And am difinately going to recomment him your post.

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